Monday, July 7, 2008

USM British Studies LIS Course 08

Greetings and welcome to LIS 580/587, a graduate LIS course in the Southern Miss British Studies Program.

LIS 580: British Studies in Librarianship. 3 hours. Comparative studies of library and information institutions, bibliographic organization, models of service, and professional practice in the United States and Great Britain

LIS 587: British Studies Research. 3 hours. Provides the opportunity for an in-depth research paper using the resources of metropolitan London and/or the United Kingdom.For more information, go to:

Schedule, Week 1:
Saturday, 5 July: Orientation

Monday, 7 July: Introductory Lecture
St. Paul's Cathedral Library

Tuesday, 8 July: British Library

Wednesday, 9 July: Independent Research

Thursday, 10 July: Barbican Public Lending Library, Children's Library, Music Library
British Library Conservation Studio

Week 2:
Monday, 14 July: Museum of London

Tuesday, 15 July: National Art Library

Wednesday, 16 July: Greenwich National Maritime Museum Library

Thursday, 17 July: University of Oxford Bodleian Library

Friday, 18 July: Shakespeare Centre Library

Week 3:
Monday, 21 July: National Library of Scotland
National Archives of Scotland

Tuesday, 22, July: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Wednesday, 23 July: Independent Research

Thursday, 24 July to Monday, 28 July: Mini-Break

Tuesday, 29 July: Class Session

Wednesday, 30 July: Independent Research

Thursday, 31 July: Independent Research

Friday, 1 August: Research Symposium

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